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Sales should be about selling things, not battling your inbox

Patrick Holman created ThreadLive while working in Value Added Reseller (VAR) sales at Computacenter. VAR sales people act as intermediaries between their customers and the manufacturers they represent. This sales model is extremely email-heavy, requiring a minimum of 3 email threads and 3 documents per transaction.
As Patrick's business grew, so did his team, and so did the volume of email.  
    > 2010 Results: 118 deals | 6.4M Rev | 354 emails with 1770 messages
    > 2016 Results: 246 deals | 19.5M Rev | 738 emails with 3690 messages
    > 2020 Results: 447 deals | 111.3M Rev | 1341 emails with 6705 messages
Patrick knew there had to be a better way, so he set out to create one. In 2016, he hired a team of engineers to build what would become ThreadLive. The product ran live from 2017-2021, during which team Holman became the top performing team in the West Coast for Computacenter, and ThreadLive 
was at the center of their sales technology stack.
Like most early software, ThreadLive version 1.0 had some issues. In 2021 Patrick partnered with JetBridge ( to rebuild ThreadLive from the ground up, deploying clean code with clear product direction. In February 2022, after 17 years in VAR sales, Patrick resigned from Computacenter to focus on ThreadLive full time. 

Team Holman Growth.png
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