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It's hard to stay organized when you receive 100s of emails a day

ThreadLive simplifies email management for sales people that run their business in email.

Replicate important messages to a "thread"; connect threads to your existing business applications (like a CRM).

Access your important threads right when you need them; stay focused and be productive.

Its just a nicer way to do your work :)

ThreadLive is in private beta and extending invitations to new users from our waiting list.

Salespeople spend an average of

13 working hours per week on email

Small improvements in efficiency can save you hours ⏳

You don't have to deal with

Spend less time

Managing email

You know when an email is important,

but you still have to organize information

when new messages arrive.


Follow important emails in ThreadLive

& eliminate email busy work.

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Simple setup plan


Connecting ThreadLive is easy; Experience pain free email management in 3 steps

ThreadLive creates a copy of your followed emails,
called a "thread", that updates automatically as new
messages and attachments arrive.

Quick access and share threads; unlike regular email,
thread can be shared as URL and connected to the
apps you use to manage your business today.

Threads are accessible to anyone CC'd on the email,
serving as a shared source of truth for all.


Organize information

Group threads by project

Make it simple to track information that gets

spread across multiple emails.


In the ThreadLive platform group threads by project.  Emailed information is organized and easy to find.

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Auto labels in Gmail

Bring organization into Gmail.

ThreadLive automatically labels emails you follow.

Created for people who

Do business in email

· Over 10K threads created (private 2 year beta)

· Preferred by salespeople

· Reducing email admin work approx. 1 hour per day

· Google approved 3rd party app

· PWC CASA security certified

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Ready to get started?

ThreadLive is in private beta and extending invitations to new users from our waiting list.

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