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Boost Your Productivity 🚀

ClassifyIsolate and Manage Important Emails

Prioritize the emails you need to get things done.

Eliminate inbox noise, stay focused and be in control of your business.

Private beta, extending invitations to people from wait list.

Simple to use because your email does not change

ThreadLive supports
Gmail & MSFT Office 365

A focused list of important emails

Remove the distractions of a busy inbox.  Focus on the emails you need to do your job.

Organized for the way you think

Group emails together so related information is connected and easy to find.

Share thread links  

Keep everyone on the same page with Live Links you can share with your team, customers and vendors.

Gmail... without the chaos

ThreadLive automatically adds labels to Gmail.

Have an organized inbox with little effort.

Business professionals spend an average of

13 working hours per week on email

Small improvements in efficiency can save you hours ⏳

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Simple setup plan

Connecting ThreadLive is easy; Experience pain free email management in 3 steps

Created for people who

Do business in email

· Over 10K threads created (private 2 year beta)

· Preferred by salespeople

· Reducing email admin work approx. 1 hour per day

· Google approved 3rd party app

· PWC CASA security certified

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Ready to get started?

ThreadLive is in private beta and extending invitations to new users from our waiting list.

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