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 emails like a Google Doc

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Connect an email to ThreadLive to create a thread.

To share a thread, copy the unique URL and paste it into Salesforce, Slack, or any other business app.

Threads update when new messages arrive, so everyone always has access to the latest information. 

This ensures that everyone can make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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1-click      Gmail integration

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Tired of manually copying important email information?  
In ☝️ click create a ThreadLive thread that records all present and future email messages.
This saves you time and ensures that critical information is easy to find and simple to share. 

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Easy to share links 🔗

Want to get people on the same page quickly?

Share ThreadLive links with colleagues or paste them into your business apps to quickly jump to the right conversation.

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       Share threads, skip CCs & side-emails

Collaborating through email can be frustrating. CCs, forwards, and side emails make conversations a hassle to follow.

👁 Keep everyone in the loop by securely sharing access to thread messages. 
Shared recipients can opt into automatic email notifications when new messages arrive.

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Simple share plan

Get everyone on the same page in just a few clicks

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✨ Improve workflow ✨

Share critical information with the right people at the right time

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ThreadLive is created by people who do business in email

Created for people who

Do business in email

· Over 10K threads created (private 2-year beta)

· Preferred by salespeople, recruiters, project managers and procurement teams

· Reducing email admin work by approx. 1 hour per day

· Google approved 3rd party app

· PWC CASA security certified

ThreadLive Certifications

Private beta, extending invitations to people from wait list.

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Simple & Free to try
No changes to your existing software stack 

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