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Why ThreadLive needs access to your data

ThreadLive is a platform for managing your most important email, to enable this functionality ThreadLive must connect via API to your email provider, either Google Gmail or Microsoft Office 365.  

By granting access to your email you are allowing ThreadLive to: see the contents of your inbox, create drafts, delete drafts, send email, search your mail, and replicate the emails you choose to a "thread" in ThreadLive.

Emails connected to a "thread" in ThreadLive are private; similar to how normal emails works, messages in a "thread" can only be seen people who also received the email.  Like email a message can be forwarded by any recipient to any other contact (that is user behavior ThreadLive can't control).

ThreadLive complies with the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the limited use requirements.

ThreadLive uses your data
to help you be more efficient

Share Threads as Object-Oriented Email

Object-Oriented Email

When an email is connected to a "thread" in ThreadLive, a subscription is established between the two.  Threads and their connected emails stay in perfect sync, anything said or shared is captured in both.

Unlike email the thread is an object, an end point that collects all messages and attachments shared in the email.  Unlike email the thread  that has a unique URL that can be shared or hyperlinked.


In business information about a project or sale is spread across multiple emails.  ThreadLive enables our users to group threads by projects so related conversations are easy to find.

Organize threads into projects
Use Threadlive to connect emails to your other business apps

Connect other apps

When people "do business" through email they typically keep track of their sales / purchases / projects in another application, like: CRM / procurment software / project management software.  

ThreadLive allows users to connect objects (like a CRM opportunity) to a thread so users can manage their business where they are communicating with people.

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