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Share email with ThreadLive

Struggling to keep email information organized and accessible?

ThreadLive streamlines information sharing, ensuring faster delivery of top-quality work.

Make information is Easy to Find & and Easy to Share, so work is Easy to Manage


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Close the Email Information Gap

ThreadLive makes it quick and easy to capture & and organize information from email, ensuring everyone maintains a consistent process.

Email is relentless
If you use email for most of your work communication, your inbox can become crowded and difficult to manage.

When you receive important messages, it's your responsibility to extract relevant information, transfer files to other applications, and share this information with the people who should be aware of it.  

On average, 53% of the time in email is spent searching, organizing, and forwarding info to teammates. These tasks are essential for productive work, but they can be dull and often get skipped, causing confusion and slowing down productivity.

This frustration can cause you to dislike your job.
Too much email

Improve how your team works

Why ThreadLive?

Manage more email with fewer people
Hand off email
Time saved with ThreadLive
Time saved with ThreadLive

Complete work faster with fewer people

Transfer work when others are away

Less time searching for information

Share threads, stop  forwarding emails

"Auto-Labeling in Gmail is a Game Changer"

ThreadLive automatically adds labels to Gmail.

Have an organized inbox with little effort.

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people who do business in email

Created for people who

Do business in email

· Over 10K threads created (private 2 year beta)

· Preferred by salespeople

· Reducing email admin work approx. 1 hour per day

· Google approved 3rd party app

· PWC CASA security certified

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Private beta, extending invitations to people from wait list.

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Simple & Free to try
No changes to your existing software stack 


no credit card required

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