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Work should be about getting stuff done, not battling your inbox

After spending 21 years (2001-2022) in B2B VAR technology sales, my sales success led to a flood of emails that made it difficult to stay on top of everything. To tackle this challenge, I teamed up with a group of engineers to create ThreadLive. We dug into my email history and discovered that only 23% of my emails were actually relevant to my business, while the rest were just noise.

ThreadLive revolutionized my sales communication by adding smart organization to my important emails and seamlessly integrating the communication with with Salesforce. It made managing my sales process so much easier. My teams sales stack remained the same, but our workflow was completely transformed and streamlined, allowing us to focus on what really mattered – making sales. The best part was seeing only the important emails, neatly grouped by projects and connected to the tools we use to run our business. It made sales management a breeze.

Thanks to ThreadLive, I wrapped up my final year in technology sales as the #2 performer in my company, closing 447 deals and generating $110 million in revenue. And the best part? I effectively managed all 1,341 emails using ThreadLive. That's why I decided to leave my sales job and turn ThreadLive into a SAAS company, offering a solution for anyone dealing with a mountain of emails every day.

I hope we get the opportunity to support you as a customer,

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Patrick Holman

Founder, ThreadLive

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